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Get Direction for Life

Experience Authentic Life

Do you struggle with authentic connection?

  • Are you too busy to spend time with God?

  • Do you feel isolated and alone?

  • Are you struggling to keep friendships?

  • Did you expect more out of your life?

  • Is it time for you to start caring about your spiritual life?

  • Does your family need meaningful relationships?

Unable to attend service but still want to connect?

Meet The Pastoral Team


Ryan Watt
Senior Pastor

I could not be happier that you have decided to connect with us online. We have worked hard to make sure that what you find about us online is true to who we are as part of the Body of Christ. In our efforts to help our community connect to God and to their neighbor, we would love to interact with you as you are a vital part of our community. I welcome you to join us online or in person and we hope and pray that we connect in a way that glorifies God.

- Pastor Ryan


Trevor Knudsen
Youth Pastor

Welcome! If you’re looking for a church home for you or your teen I hope this can be that place. The youth group meets regularly during the week, and anyone is welcome from 6th to 12th grade. I hope we can provide a place

for you to experience God and fellowship with others.

-Pastor Trevor


Cassie Yanez
Associate Pastor

Welcome! If you're looking for a new place to worship and you're looking for an opportunity to come back to church, I invite you to come to church with me! My family and I are new as well, so we can do this together! Bring your kids! We have a great kids ministry and we would love to partner with you to help your family grow closer to Jesus.

-Pastor Cassie


Sundays 10:30 AM

Sundays 9:30 AM
Wednesdays 6:30 PM

Kids & Teens

Sundays 9:30 AM
Wednesdays 6:30 PM


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Our Ministry Partners

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